About Us


Way back in 1969 a company was formed to carry out caravan repairs in the North West of England, namely Crossley Caravan Repairs. The Company was based in a small workshop on the Crossleys House Industrial Estate in Penwortham, near Preston. Three people set up the company, Mrs & Mrs Gordon Hold, who then were the owners of Dave Barron Caravans and Mr Jack Collinson. Mr Collinson being a coachbuilder from the old school and the only working partner in the new business venture.

Starting off with a two-man workforce, it was not long before extra hands were required to cope with the volume of work. In August 1974 Mr Stuart Yates joined the team, having completed his apprenticeship with Fowlers Coachworks in Leyland, working as a coachbuilder. His wide variety of skill was just what Crossleys needed to further their expertise in the new and growing market of touring caravans.

The company went from strength to strength taking on more staff and venturing into a wider variety of work. As the skilled work increased in the coachbuilding industry it was not long before the key persons, Jack Collinson and Stuart Yates had quite a name for themselves among the United Kingdoms Showman’s Guild – The Fairground People.

In June 198O Stephen Fairweather joined the Crossley team from school as an apprentice, Stephen was fresh and eager to learn the new skills from the years of experience from his colleagues.

January of 1981, Crossley Caravan Repairs moved premises to the Dave Barron Caravan site in Coppull near Chorley. This 5-acre site had been purchased to consolidate the growing businesses within the Barron group. Our Accident Repair Centre workshop space had grown with the move and there was a need to take on more staff. Volume of work for caravan repairs increased and as caravans were becoming more complex vehicles, the need for tighter quality controls was paramount.

Crossley Caravan Repairs was growing fast with the name at the forefront of the Repair Industry. With the well-deserved retirement of Jack Collinson, the owners decided Stuart Yates was the ideal person to take the firm forward. In 1988 Stuart became a partner in Crossley Caravan Repairs and Stephen Fairweather was promoted to Workshop Foreman. Both men were committed to taking the firm into the nineties as the leading UK caravan repairers.

In 1992 the firm moved to their present home, an 11,OOO square feet site in Leyland. Facilities on this include a unique laminating press (the only one in the country for repairs), a 7 bay workshop, a full size spray bake oven, service bay with ramp, 2 drying bays, separate parts storage, offices, staff room and fully computerised systems with parking for over 1OO caravans.

The name was changed to Crossley Coachcraft to coincide with the move. Entering the new Millennium, the managing partners, Stuart Yates and Stephen Fairweather with the help of their team maintained the position; Crossley Coachcraft the leading company within the caravan/motorhome repair industry.

Significant achievements included acquiring recognition from the major insurance companies as a recommend repairer and obtaining the same professional accreditation from all the leading caravan manufacturers.

Over 42 years from the beginning, Crossley Coachcraft continue their innovation with a new corporate image, logos, apparel, signage and livery. Crossley Coachcraft has always been referred to as Crossleys, from suppliers to customers. In today’s fast paced business world the rebranding resulted in changing the name from Crossley Coachcraft to Crossleys.

The new modern look demonstrates to our customers the dynamic approach we adopt. We continue to move forward, constantly looking for new ideas, better materials and initiating modern up to date techniques. We have been at the forefront of our industry for many years, an accomplishment we are proud of.

In February 2O13, we saw a changed at Crossleys, after nearly 42 years with the company, Mr Stuart Yates decided it was time to retire. This was a huge decision for Stuart, the company being his passion for so many years. But, all good things must come to an end and the draw of touring in his new motorhome was too much. This website page is not big enough to note the gratitude and respect we hold for Mr Yates, he has left a legacy at Crossleys and we are eternally grateful.

Yet a new flame has been ignited, having worked with Stuart for over 32 years, Stephen Fairweather took full control of the business and strives to drive it forward as his predecessors did before him. But he is not alone, working closely alongside Stephen is Mr Peter Cunliffe.  Peter has been with Crossleys for some 28 years and has vast knowledge and experience in caravan and motorhome repairs therefore, perfectly placed to join Stephen and continue the work Crossleys are so renowned for. This working partnership is not new, as Stephen & Peter have been running the Crossley workshop for many years, as our regular customers will know, Peter is a very familiar face.

Moving on from 2O13 into 2O16, we are seeing major changes within the construction of touring caravans and motorhomes. All the major manufacturers are paving their own way, with their own unique designs and build techniques. Crossleys are striving to keep up to date with the new builds methods, designing new and innovative ways of repairing and reinstating your vehicles to as close to their original construction as is absolutely possible.

The Crossley team will continue to deliver the very best we can in an extremely demanding industry, taking on new challenges and developing new techniques to care for your pride and joy as if it were our own.

  • Over 47 years experience.
  • Extensively equipped 11,OOO sq. ft. workshop
  • A unique sandwich construction bonding press  (one of a kind specifically for repairs)
  • Secure storage for 1OO customers caravans/motorhomes.
  • Monitored by CCTV and secure in our fully fenced storage compound
  • Direct high-tech links to key dealers and manufacturers.
  • Highly skilled technicians.
  • Express parts delivery.
  • We are the Caravan Clubs Leading Insurance Repairers.
  • Approved by Britains leading manufacturers and insurance companies

Remember We are the Specialist that the Specialists use.