Repair Estimate

Accident Damage

Should you suffer an accident (Be it your fault or not), contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Report the incident to them and ask for a claim form.
You will then require a repair estimate. Please contact our office by telephone or email. We may be able to forward your estimate without seeing your caravan or motorhome. This can be done if you e-mail your digital pictures. We only require one or two showing the area, please follow the instructions.
Please use the form. It is extremely important that you follow the guide, without the necessary information we cannot help you, plus it will delay your claim.
Important note to remember: If there is damage to the interior, we will almost certainly need to see your vehicle.
Forward your completed claim form with the estimate attached, direct to your insurance company. We can also do this, if we have all the relevant details. They will process your claim, authorise the repair either by post, fax or email or they may wish to send an insurance engineer to inspect. The inspecting engineer will liaise with Crossleys direct to agree repairs.
We do require written authority to proceed from your insurance company or you may wish to do this to speed up the process.
At this point we will order parts directly from the manufacturers or their suppliers. Please note, obtaining caravan and motorhome parts are notoriously long winded and can take months as opposed to weeks. Please be assured we will endeavour to obtain all items in the shortest possible time but. this is out of our hands, we have no control over it.
When all parts are in stock to complete repairs we will contact you to arrange a convenient date to carry out the work.
You collect your Caravan/Motorhome with a clean bill of health, any insurance excess is paid to Crossleys at the time of collection.

Below, are examples of damaged caravans that come to our workshop on a regular basis. Please click on any image and start the slide show.

Instructions To Obtain Your Accident Damage Estimate

  • Further Requirements or Useful Information


    To prepare your estimate or discuss a repair you may wish to send us photographs. That would be very helpful and could save you a long journey. Please remember we need to see the “Bigger” picture and not a close up of the damage. Take a close up if you wish -- Take a picture from 8-10 feet away – Take a picture showing the entire area i.e. Front, Back or Complete Side from 20 feet away. If damage extends to the interior please do the same – show us the area and not just a snapshot of the damage.

    Remember – We are preparing a repair estimate and need to see all that you see. If we do not receive the correct photographs it will delay the estimate preparation or inhibit it altogether, you must help us to help you.

    Please select the Browse button and choose the images you wish to send. As well as your photos, you may also send a “short” mp4 video taken on your phone
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, tiff, ipeg, jpeg, mp4, m4v, Max. file size: 258 MB, Max. files: 10.
    • Please be aware, we do not ignore any emails sent to us - Estimates can take time to prepare obtaining all the relevant information from suppliers. Please feel free to contact us by telephone at any time.