Every keen caravaner has heard about the all new construction Bailey has created. It is  called Alu-Tech, it is fantastic and we wish we had thought of it. What we have done is make light work of repairing it.

Crossleys have been appointed a Bailey Alu-Tech Repair Centre.

Having completed with ease, the compulsory training at Bailey Caravans in Bristol, which in itself is a condition of parts supply and repair authority. It was not very long before we got our hands on one of Baileys new models.

As you can see from the photographs shown below, the all new Alu-Tech system proved light work for our team of expert repair technicians. Owners concerned about whether there pride and joy can be restored to its pristine condition need not worry. Since being appointed as the North West Repair Centre for Baileys, we have had plenty of experience with the all new Alu-Tech construction.

Like the photographs shown below – A Unicorn Seville required a complete new n/s wall and rear end frame. The owner, a classic car restoration expert was delighted with the finished result.

Example 1 (Please click on any image to start the slide show below)

Example 2 (Please click on any image to start the slide show below)

This 2O12 Bailey Unicorn II Valencia suffered very little damage but, due to the construction method a large repair becomes necessary. What is very convenient for the manufacturer in view of ease of build becomes extremely costly once damaged.
The front o/s grab handle had received impact, pushing the handle and the underlying plastic framework through the inner skins, also involving a small amount of furniture movement.
As the front and roof frameworks are one section, from the rear to the lower front floor, there is no alternative but to replace the whole roof/front in its entirety.
The photographs show the level of dismantling required for this type of repair.
This is expensive, due to the amount of new parts required and next to nothing is reused. It is not difficult by any means. It is certainly a repair that needs many hands. The roof/front arrives on a flatbed truck, laying flat on polystyrene. It is heavy, it is flimsy, it is windy and I think you get the picture.
Having done a considerable amount of Alu-Tech repairs since its launch in 2O1O, Crossleys now take this repair on with ease. The owners of this Bailey were thrilled when they came to collect it, their caravan was pristine again.

Please be rest assured Crossleys can repair your caravan or motorhome and have it back to its pristine condition whatever the damage. With nationwide recovery you do not need to be in the North West area to benefit from over 4O years experience at the forefront of our industry.