Damp is unseen, progressive and when left untreated, will almost certainly sound the death knell of your caravan or motorhome before, you even know it is there.

A guide to damp problems

Periodic annual inspections using a Protimeter damp metre may reveal areas of your tourer, which require resealing.

Our recommendations would be to have the mouldings and/or trims removed, trims cleaned and degreased then re-secured to the touring home with new modern sealants. This procedure will stop the water ingress to your tourer. However, the moisture which has already penetrated into the framework, is encapsulated within. General heating to the affected area along with the use of a de-humidifier will certainly help to reduce the present moisture levels, thereby reducing the chances of decay in the future.

Softening of wallboards or staining normally means there is decay evident through water ingress. The remedial work required to put your tourer back to near original condition is quite a time consuming job. It requires removal of furniture and fittings, external moulds, trims, windows and exterior panels. The removal of decayed wallboards and timber frame plus the drying out of insulation and damp framework. Before rebuilding work can commence the areas will require further checking with a Protimeter. Once the correct readings are evident, the fitting and re-bonding of new internal wallboards, refitting furniture and fittings, together with the necessary resealing can be carried out.

From the outside, your bodywork may appear perfectly healthy. The tell-tale signs which our Expert staff can detect are invariably missed by even the most caring of owners. But there is an answer:

Prevention is better than cure

We advise three regular courses of action:

  • Have an annual service, which incorporates a thorough damp inspection and report. This will also validate any manufacturers warranty
  • Have a full periodic examination of all seals and joints for signs of deterioration and possible water ingress (Even with modern sealant compounds, these do deteriorate especially In hot weather).

Bumps and Grazes

Unfortunately, the aluminium skin or fibreglass panel of a caravan or motorhome does not heal itself of those minor scratches and dents from hail stones, overhanging trees or farm gateposts.

Even more unfortunately, these can lower the resale value by far more than the cost of getting such unsightly blemishes put right.

At Crossleys we know the value of your outfit and we can offer immediate and expert advice on whether those minor knocks would benefit from treatment and so improve the value of your pride and joy.

Below, are typical examples of bumps and grazes that we repair in our workshop on a regular basis. Please click on any image to start the slide show.