Lighter by construction, better by designvip-exterior

Coachman caravans are always developing their construction craftsmanship and design work. Over the last two years they have been working with Bostik one of the leading producers of advanced bonding agents to create the best and most high quality construction process they can for their caravans. They currently use Advanced Bonded Construction techniques known professionally as ABC’s.

Coachman do not compromise quality but, still have a range of cost effective caravans that many people drive every day. So, because of their popularity you are likely to see many of Coachman caravans on the road and repairs are sometimes going to be needed.

Coachman Caravans are constructed using Advanced Bonded Construction techniques (known as ABC) and they also use advanced polyurethane (PU) materials in their caravans. Our technicians have attended training at Coachman Caravans, this enables us to undertake any repair work using the exact same procedures and methods to ensure a quality and professional repair.

Crossleys technicians have received valuable training from Coachman themselves so, they have an in-depth understanding of the Coachman construction process and methodology. So you can be sure any repairs carried out by Crossleys will meet the manufacturer’s high standards and follow proper protocol.

Below, is an example of a Coachman Caravan that has been repaired in our workshop using the Advanced Bonding Construction Technique.

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