SoLiD Construction Overview

Elddis have a very advanced fully-bonded construction system that is featured in all their touring caravans and motorhomes. Using only the best and highest quality materials in their vehicles, Elddis is a popular caravan choice amongst consumers. Therefore, the need for professional repair jobs is always going to be needed.

Elddis use a unique jointing system in the construction of all their touring caravans and motorhomes. Because of this advanced and specialist construction it is essential that any repair work follows the same procedures and methods set out by the manufacturer and our technicians can do just that having received extensive training at the Elddis factory.

Crossleys technicians have been able to receive training from Elddis themselves. This gives Crossley an advantage over many other repair providers, because we possess an intimate knowledge of Elddis-Solid construction methods and protocols. This means Crossleys will be able to make repairs exactly as the manufacturer intended meaning you will receive nothing but, the highest quality of repair service.


Below, is an example of a Elddis Caravan that has been repaired in our workshop using the Elddis Solid Technique.

Example 1 (Please click on any image to start the slide show below)