As a Lunar owner, we believe you deserve the very best when your Lunar caravan needs repair work.

Lunar Caravans are just around the corner from Crossleys and we have had a professional relationship with them for over 47 years. Lunar are a veteran in the caravan and motorhome industry and they have been using their new Core Construction Method for the past few years. With over 20 models in their range you can imagine there are vehicles in all shapes and sizes on the road with the Lunar logo on.

Core has been Lunars employed construction method for the past few years and it is designed to be the best combination of durability and quality while still ensuring the lightest weight possible. Every stage of a Lunar caravan’s construction is determined by their Core Construction Method.

Lunar use Core construction in their latest caravans and motorhomes, it is essential that any technician carrying out repairs as a proper understanding of the Core construction method. This is vital to ensuring any repair work carried out on a Lunar vehicle is of a high enough quality. Crossleys technicians have been able to study and develop our understanding of the Core Construction Method so, you can be sure any repair work we do will meet the manufacturer’s high standards.

So, if you are the proud owner of a Lunar caravan or motorhome Crossleys is the place to go for repairs.

Below, are examples of Lunar Caravans that have been repaired in our workshop using the Lunar Core Technology

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