Swift Smart & Smart HT


SMART HT Construction Highlights

Swift use their own construction method known as SMART HT in their caravan ranges. At Crossleys we know the importance in ensuring that any repair work is done following the same procedures and methods. That is why our technicians are fully trained in all aspects of SMART HT so, you can be sure you will receive a professional repair job and have the peace of mind in knowing that any repairs, will be carried out to industry standards and following industry protocols.

It features 8 main points and at Crossleys, we are well versed in all aspects of SMART HT construction so, will be able to repair any Swift Caravans to the same high standards.

The 8 features of SMART HT construction (Below, information is content provided by Swift Caravans)

SMART HT has 8 main construction features that make it the ultimate construction method for Smart Caravans. Let us look at each of the points below.

Engineered component cutting – All the components for Swift caravans are cut by computer numerically controlled machines to ensure total accuracy and consistency.

GRP body-shell panels – To ensure excellent durability, impact resistance and protection against the heat and cold.

‘PURe’ fixing blocks – These hard polyurethane blocks are used to provide extra fixing strength to the caravan’s wall panels.

Completely timber-less composite floor – Swift caravans uses 5 layers of strong and lightweight insulating Styrofoam that’s combined with other high quality materials for a tough and resilient finish.

Unique cold bridge – This breakthrough patent is a cold bridge within the aluminium side framing, which works by preventing condensation and combatting moisture.

Strong jointing system – Our patent pending joining system was developed with a market leader in bonding technologies. It give extensive strength and rigidity to Swift caravans and reduces the amount of mechanical fixings that are needed.

Aerodynamics – Swift caravans are design to be fully aerodynamic from the service doors to the exterior and Computational Fluid Dynamics were also used to lower fuel consumption.

Cast foam bedding – This lightweight bedding is very comfortable and extremely durable.

Below, is an example of a Swift Caravan that has been repaired in our workshop.

Example 1 (Please click on any image to start the slide show below)